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Guidelines for Submitting Photos for the Southeast Region Banquet

For the 2001 banquet, the traditional slide show will be replaced with a PowerPoint presentation. This means that each cat will be pictured on the screen as before, but will also include the names of the cat and owner and the award.

The new format means there will be NO slides -- so please do not order slides. Instead, the pictures will be stored electronically on the computer running the PowerPoint presentation.

In order to complete the presentation, each regional winner needs to provide a picture (not a slide) of their winning cats.

This can be done in one of two ways ...

1) Send a color photo with the cat's name and the name and address of the owner on a label affixed to the back to:

Vanadis Crawford & Chris Unangst
209 Hillstone Drive
Raleigh, NC 27615-4911

Your photos will be returned to you.

2) If you have digital pictures, or the ability to scan your pictures, you can email them to Send each picture in a separate note. Files over 3 MB in size cannot be received. If your file is larger than that, please contact Vanais or Chris for an alternate email address to send your pictures to.

The following electronic formats can be accepted: .wmf, .jpg, .bmp (Windows, not Mac), and .gif. If your file is a different format, contact Vanais or Chris first. They may be able to handle it. In the body of your note include the cat's name and owner.

Photos are needed for the following award winners:

Top 20 HHP Kittens

Top 20 HHPs

Top 20 Alters

Top 20 Kittens

Top 20 Longhair Cats*

Top 20 Shorthair Cats* Top 20 Allbreed Cats*

Best of Breed Championship Cats*

* Only one picture will be required for each cat. For example, the best of breed Persian would also be an Allbreed winner and a Longhair winner. These awards will be presented together, so only one picture will be necessary.

To produce a quality presentation Vanais or Chris will need all pictures in their hands NO LATER than July 23. However, most of you know now if you will be getting a regional award. Go ahead and send your pictures now, even if you don't know what the final award will be. Vanais or Chris will make sure that your picture is properly placed with the correct award.

Thanks in advance for all your help!



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