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The Abyssinian is one of the oldest natural breeds. It is thought to have originated in Egypt or Abyssinia (Ethiopia), and bears a striking resemblance to the cats worshipped, painted and sculpted by the Ancient Egyptians. The Abyssinian is a ticked cat of medium size with firm muscular development. The head is a modified wedge with large erect ears, ideally with tufts at the tips. The wide, almond-shaped eyes are a rich shade of gold, green, hazel or copper. The coat is soft but dense and resilient to the touch and long enough to accommodate 4 or 6 alternating light and dark coloured bands. The tabby M on the forehead and the brush stroke markings around the eyes provide the Aby with a feral or wild look but the Aby contains no wild blood and is gentle and amenable to handling Spirited and inquisitive, the Aby seems to be in constant motion, a personality trait sometimes at odds with small apartment living. They are gentle and affectionate to humans and make ideal companions - no doubt a major reason for their popularity as pets. The ideal Abyssinian is medium in size and shows firm muscular development. It is regal in appearance displaying a lively interest in all surroundings.



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