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In 1960, a small group of Canadians gathered to explore the possibility of forming a Canadian registry for purebred felines. Before this event, all registrations had to be filed in the United States or Europe and all cat shows held in Canada were held under the rules of American associations. By the following year enough support was gathered from members of the Canadian cat fancy for the Canadian Cat Association (CCA) to go into business. Registrations were entered in a Canadian Stud Book for the first time, which to date has over 110,000 individual cats registered with CCA. Since 1960, the Canadian Cat Association had grown and evolved into a registry of great merit, with affiliated clubs across Canada. CCA will continue to look to the future while we carry on the dreams of our founders; to provide the Canadian cat fancy with an association that is governed by its members and dedicated to the well being of all cats. For a list of breeds recognized by CCA, press the "Breeds" button on the left menu. The Breed list contains links to additional information on the respective breeds. At the end of each breed description, you will find a list of breeders and links to their catteries.

Pedigreed Cats

CCA-AFC recognizes for show altered as well as whole purebred felines. Both classes must conform to the same standard but they are judged in separate classes. Whole or Championship cats and Alters are scored for both Regional and National Awards.

For a list of breeds recognized by CCA, press the Breeds button from the left menu. At the end of each list, you will find a link to breeders who specialize in those breeds.

Household Pets

The Canadian Cat Association also acknowledges the intrinsic beauty of the nonpedigreed feline, and encourages household pet owners to show their cats in special classes. Judges evaluate the health, condition, personality and presentation of each HHP. Cats over 8 months of age MUST be neutered or spayed and pets of any age CANNOT be declawed. HHP's are scored for Regional Awards given at the end of each show season. It's fun, it's educational and you will meet many people who share your interest in cats.

We invite you to discover the fascinating and friendly world of cats with an association dedicated to felines: THE CANADIAN CAT ASSOCIATION.


If you require more information or have questions regarding CCA-AFC, the following is provided:

  Registrar/Office Manager: Susan H. Plante
  Mailing Address: The Canadian Cat Association
    289 Rutherford Rd, South, Unit 18
    Brampton, On Canada L6W 3R9
  Telephone: (905) 459-1481*
  Fax: (905) 459-4023

Office hours are 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Central Time, Monday - Friday.

  The office staff will accept calls between 12:30 PM and 4:00 PM Central Time, Monday - Friday. All other times, the phone will connect to an answer machine. Please leave a message and the staff will contact you.
  You are invited to visit the CCA - AFC booth at any of our affiliated Cat Shows.