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Please print and complete the following application form. Send completed application and applicable funds to:

Canadian Cat Association
289 Rutherford Rd. South Unit 18
Bramptom, Ontario L6W 3R9

          Enclosed are my dues for the current year.

Individual Membership $33.00

Family Membership $38.00 (Over 18 years. Maximum 2 adults at same address) Junior Membership $11.00 (Under 18 years. FREE if included with another family member paying the individual or family membership fees. No limit to the number of children at same address.)

Membership entitles each member (over 18 years) with a vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Cat Association.

This fee includes the _______________________ Breed Section. (Non-voting status)

For each additional Breed Section I have checked, I will add $2.00 to my membership dues. (Non-voting status.)

I understand that if I wish to have the right to vote in any of the Breed Sections I have designated, I must have a cattery name registered with CCA & bred a Champion or Premier of that breed. (Does not apply to Household Pet Section).

I wish to vote in the following Breed Sections & agree to pay an additional $4 basic voting fee per breed.

____ Abyssinian

____ American Cur LH/SH

____ American Shorthair

____ AmericanWirehair

____ Balinese LH/SH

____ Bengal

____ Birman

____ Bombay

____ British Shorthair

____ Burmese

____ Bumilla

____ Chartreux

____ Colourpoint Shorthair

____ Cornish Rex

____ Cymric

____ Devon Rex

____ Egyptian Mau

____ Exotic LH/SH

____ Foreighn Burmese

____ Havana Brown

____ Himalayan

____ Himalayan Non Pointed

____ Household Pet

____ Japanese Bobtail LH/SH

____ Korat

____ Maine Coon

____ Manx

____ Norwegian Forest Cat

____ Ocicat

____ Oriental Shorthair

____ Persian

____ Ragdoll

____ Russian Blue

____ Scottish Fold LH/SH/

____ Siamese

____ Singapura

____ Somali LH/SH

____ Sphynx

____ Tonkinese

____ Turkish Angora

____ York Chocolate

Cattery name and Number____________________________________________


Name & registration # of Ch/Pr/ __________________________________

________________________Membership $________________________

_______________ Breed Selection@ $2.00 ch. ** $ ________________

________________Basic Voting Fee@ $4.00 ch. $ ________________

Subtotal $ ____________ (GST included in all fees)

Total Fees Enclosed$______________


Address _____________________________________________

PostalCode ___________ Telephone ______________________

Mail to: Canadian Cat Association, 289 Rutherford Rd. South Unit 18,
Bramptom, Ontario L6W 3R9

©1996 Copyright The Canadian Cat Association

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