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Felines del Sol

Summary Sheet

City State Zip
Phone E-mail
Benching Request


Please check applicable boxes. Fees will automatically be totaled for you.

Regular Entries must be received by March 11, 2001
First $65*
Second $60
Third $50
Fourth $50
Fifth $50
Sixth $50
*First entry includes catalog
Frantic Feline Entry must be received by March 18, 2001
First $75*
Second $75
Third $75
Fourth $75
Fifth $75
Sixth $75
*First entry includes catalog
Other Fees:
Extra Catalog: $5 (Check total number:  One Two )
Double Cage with entry: $15 each  (Check total number:  One Two )
Double Sales Cage: $30 each (Check total number:  One Two )
Grooming space (when Available): $25

Guaranteed End of Row:
          Handicapped: Free
         Nonhandicapped: $15

Substitutions (until show is closed only): $15 each
(Check total number:  One   Two    Three  Four   Five    Six )
Catalog Advertising MUST be b/w, camera ready, rec'd by 3/11/2001

Full page: $50  

Half page: $30  

Quarter page: $15 

Business Card: $10  

Donation to Club:      $2     $5     $10      $15     $20
Donation to SE Region:      $2     $5     $10      $15     $20
Will you be furnishing your own cages?
Will you be available to clerk?              If so, what days?
Preferred Judge:
New Exhibitor?                                                  TICA Member?



Questions related to the show (including directions, problems with the show hotel, etc.)
should be addressed to show management/entry clerk as identified on the flyer.
If you have technical problems with this form, please contact the
SE Region Web Master.

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